Thursday, April 2, 2009

Super Productive

I said I would post again a couple of days ago but I have been working on some adorable projects. I found this little onesie in a thrift store and a friend of mine gave me a little baby cardigan to use and they work great together! I added the yellow and white trim and ta da! it looks like I bought them together!
Sticking with the mother goose theme... the lamb lost Bo-peep! How is he to find her??
I was super excited that my aunt bought me a sizzix machine for x-mas and then I realize that the dies are sold seperately! So I had to wait until I had a little extra money to buy some. Here is a cute little lamb die I got! I gave him some detail with fabric markers. So cute!!

I added two snaps to the jacket and realized AFTERWARD how thin the fabric is! I reinforced the snap the second time... lesson learned! I then used fabric glue to put the little flower/pearl embellishments on and used clear thread to secure them!
I realized how much easier it is to use the clear thread! It would have been such a pain to try and hide the thread with the transparent flowers!
Ta Da- cute little Bo-peep "Easter" outfit!!

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