Saturday, October 30, 2010

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National How to Forgive Yourself Day + Treasury

Forgiving yourself can be much harder than forgiving someone else. When you're carrying around a sense of blame for something that has happened in the past, this bundle of negativity burrowing deep into yourself can cause a never-ending, pervasive sense of unhappiness. Forgiving yourself is an important act of moving forward and releasing yourself from the past. It's also a way of protecting your health and general well-being. Here are some suggestions on how to forgive yourself.

How to Forgive Yourself - wikiHow

Self Meditation and...craft tip!

  • Whenever walking in kinhin, keep your mind totally focused on your environment, not on the thoughts that try to distract you.
  • Power breath: Begin by going for a walk, preferably alone and outside. Inhale, silently saying "Om" to the count of two. Mentally see that the oxygen coming into your body is filled with life-force energy and hold the breath in your mouth. As you force the air against your cheeks, let them fill to capacity and bulge out. Keep pressing the air into your cheeks as long as you can, without creating discomfort. Then exhale to the count of seven. Repeat this twelve times. Try doing this twice a day, gradually increasing to hold your breath for five counts and exhale for ten counts, then hold your breath outside for five counts.
  • Breathing in, be aware of the activities of your mind being calm and at peace. Breathing out, be aware of the activities of your mind being calm and at peace.

Craft Tip:

If you have a paper shredder you can use it to shred left over bits of wrapping paper to make fun and festive bag filler.