Sunday, April 5, 2009

Adventures of baby photography

I went over to my soon-to-be sister/brother-in-law's house last night to take pictures of their adorable little baby, Geran. When I got there he was asleep and woke up very hungry! His schedule has been off after he got his immunization shots... poor guy. He refused to be my model until he gt some wonderfully, delicious milk from mommy. When he decided he was full he was almost willing to be a patient model. The first outfit he was a little cranky but looked so amazingly cute in the 'Lost Bo-peep' set. which is now on sale in my etsy shop (there is my shameless self-promotion).

He was such a little trooper! We got through almost 5 outfit changes!! Although, all of the pieces will need to be washed because of baby Geran's yummy milk left overs that didn't come out during the first burping session end up on every single piece of clothing he modeled. Now you know that they are baby tested, mother approved an will withstand everyday baby wear and tear *smile*.

Geran even passed as a lovely little girl when he modeled the pink and yellow ruffled onesie. Don't tell dad, but he looked great!!
Most of the pictures turned out blurry but at least I got enough to post for the listings on my shop with a few pictures of the items not on little Geran.
Thank you Geran for being such an adorable baby; you will definitely be a super-star on my etsy page/blog and will return when I need you to model more outfits. Special thanks to Susan for letting be photograph Geran after such a long shopping day.

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