Monday, June 8, 2009

Lyme Disease

Lyme Life: Young victims of the most common vector-borne disease
By Mandy Feder, News Editor, Lake County Record-Bee, Lakeport, California

June 5, 2009

They've been called lazy and crazy. That is what these two young people,
Miranda Rae Hunt, 20, from Clear Lake Riviera and Nick Farrar, 16, of
Paradise have in common. They've also been called spoiled, indulged and
been misunderstood.

Miranda loved to play basketball; she played for Lower Lake High School.
She also ran cross country and she volunteered at the Alzheimer Day
Care. That was before she got sick, really sick. These days she says,
"Naps are cool. I like to sleep. I think I'm part cat." She smiles
sweetly and speaks quietly.

"The Lyme disease makes me hesitant to start a conversation. I think,
what if I can't find the words and I embarrass myself," she said. She
agreed to tell her story, "If I can remember it," she laughed and said,
"That was cognitive Lyme humor." Everyday and moment is dictated by Lyme
disease and has been for about more than seven years. Miranda was not
diagnosed with Lyme until she was 17.

Nick contracted Lyme before he could verbally express the pain. He was 8
months old.

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