Monday, June 28, 2010

keeping all of my ideas in one place

I am needing a place for feedback while I write my memoir. Now that I am married and have the wedding day parade behind me and now as a not so distant magical memory, I have A LOT more spare time. I will be posting pictures of the wedding and sharing all of my DIY projects that went into making every detail special and personalized.

I have promised myself that the majority of my spare time will be spent writing the long awaited memoir of Rachel Goldmark (now Lewis) and the many personalities that have all of their own stories to tell. From being dragged to the depths of hell by illness and insanity to the path of addiction and recovery. Then another lifetime of finding out that my previous path was a lie of misdiagnosed labels and being given a new illness- Lyme Disease. The cause of all of my previous ailments that everyone had failed to catch when labeling me as clinically insane. I have overcome my addiction, married my true soul mate, followed the path of helping others like me, and am currently trying to recover from a chronic, horrific and stealthy disease.

It feels like I am to fit 3 life times into 1 book. Maybe I will just have to write 3 books! Who knows. I am embarking on quite a journey to recover my past enough to piece together a coherent story.

I just might need a little help from my friends :)

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  1. Can't wait to devour each chapter!
    You can follow my San Francisco adventures at

    Hope you're feeling better!